Andrew was brought up in Shirrell Heath Methodist Church (Evangelical) and became a Christian on 3rd September 1992. It was during a mission to my home church. To start with I did not want anything to do with the mission but God had other plans. On the Thursday night there was a big celebration event at Winchester Cathedral, which I was asked to go to. Even though I wasn’t too keen I found myself saying I would go. It was there during the singing of “There is a Redeemer” that I gave my heart to the Lord.


I have no formal Bible college training I have found that through the power of the Holy Spirit I have been able to share insights into God’s Word. I found reading and written work hard for years, but it wasn’t until 1997 that I was tested for dyslexia and found out that I am dyslexic. The amazing thing happened following that, that God opened my eyes so I could read books and understand them. Which I have been told with some of the books I am reading is amazing by some people. It doesn't mean that I am healed fully from this but God has done a wonderful work in me.



This led on to me taking part on mission teams 1993-2001 both within the UK and USA. Also in 2004 I helped out at a church in Florida following the pastor of that church being over here in UK.



It was during the mission trip in 1996 I felt God start to speak to me. At that time I felt God call me to start a youth club for my home church, this was after spending a lot of time with the youth of that area. On the way home I was sharing this with a friend from the church (she had been on another team) who said God had given her the same vision. We started the youth group in 1997.



In February 2005 I moved churches and joined Whiteley Church (an Ecumenical project between Anglican, Methodist and United Reformed Churches) as I felt God moving me on to a new place without the personal family links. Within 2 months I was elected on to the church council, remaining until 2008 when the church became an Anglican Church. At this stage I prayed and took time to see if staying was the right thing to do.



In September 2008 I took the Fresh Expressions of Church course Mission Shaped Ministry which is a yearlong course looking at how church may need to change to make the Gospel be open to people in today’s world. During that time Lorraine (Vicar) allowed me to start taking services from time to time and some of these took the form of Café Style worship and the first one was called “Come Thirsty”. This led on to leading and preaching at a number of services over the coming 4 to 5 years.



In 2009 I was asked to be Church Warden at Whiteley and felt that was the right thing to do. In November 2012 I was away seeking God about what He might be calling me to next. During that time I felt I had to give up the Warden’s role and on my return shared this with the other church warden. In the following months I spent time in prayer and on Palm Sunday I felt God calling me to give up all I had known from the past 8 years or so and just to follow Him where he calls and leads, like the first disciples took Jesus at His word and followed not knowing where he would lead. In May 2013 I left Whiteley Church and in June started at Meon Valley Church, an Elim Church which meets in Wickham the village where I work.



In September 2013 I had my believers baptism which I felt was God’s next step for my life.


In 2014 June I started to watch the services from Bayside Christian Family Church, from Brisbane Australia. As they have a chat room alongside the broadcast you can talk with the others watching so feel part of the church. I have then got to know the pastors of the church and from that I have had an opening to help planning Nick Watson’s trip to UK and arranging for him to speak at some churches here in the UK.



From sharing about Nick’s visit to UK we had the following events : -


14th June Warsash URC 10:30

16th June Eastleigh All Saints church (Anglican) 19:30

17th June Grace Christian Centre Plymouth

19th June Hambledon Methodist 19:00

21st June Living word Network Fareham 10:30

21st June Living Word Network Purbrook 18:30



During the first few months of 2015 I helped out the with the soup outreach project to the homeless in Fareham working with Living Word Church Network.


In March 2015 I formally joined Living Word Church Network.



In 2016 Nick returned in late May.


On Pentecost Sunday ADM Ministries was formal launched as a Ministries at Living Word Church Network. 15 in Hebrew is New Direction. 15th May was Pentecost Sunday the day we formally went live.


In 2017 we had Nick Watson return for two meetings in May. We thank God for the testimonies of healing from those events.


If we can support any ministry or churches that are looking to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ then please get in touch.



If you wish to know more about Andrew Mears and ADM Ministries please email