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June 2017

Posted on 6th July, 2017

June 2017

Thank you to all who supported the ministry during the past Month.

We took a new high in sales from Stuff and Nonsense, which was very encouraging.


We pray that sales in July will carry on so that we can encourage more ministries in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



fund raising 1

Posted on 18th May, 2017

Fund Raising 2017


We are still selling items for the ministry in Picture in Warwick Lane Wickham.

We have a mix of items and some even on buy two get third free (cheapest item free). is the website for the shop we are based in, cabinet two is where our gems are.


We are in need of your support.



May 19th 2017

Posted on 18th May, 2017

May 19th 2017


Well we have made it to the final few days until Nick Watson makes his third visit to us in the South of England. It is amazing how from a word of the Lord to me in 2014 about watching a service from a Church is Brisbane would end up being the lauch pad for my ministry. Well not my Ministry but the one God has led me to set up.


Nick will be at Warsash URC at 730pm on Wednesday 31st May, at which we will have Nick's books for sale and a few other items to raise funds for ADM Ministires.


June 2nd sees Nick at Henry Cout College in Fareham, Hilson drive. 730pm again and books etc will be on sale. If we run out of books will we see what we can order and get them to you as soon as possible.



NEW events

Posted on 18th February, 2017

This May we welcome back Pastor Nick Watson from Brisbane.


For our third year of events is good to have our dear friend Nick with us once again.


He is ministering in Scotland and Ireland as well as coming to this area of Hampshire. I thank God that He has allowed me to have an international preacher of the Word of God, author, and a recognised prophet, with a signs-following ministry to be part of my ministry.




31st May Warsash URC


2nd June Henry Court Community College

23rd May 2016

Posted on 23rd May, 2016

May 23rd 2016


Today we welcome Nick Watson back to Hampshire.


Looking forward to meeting up with Nick this morning again. We look forward to seeing what God does over the coming week.

We thank God for His faithfulness with Nick and Lynne over the past month or so as they travelled in Scotland and Ireland both North and South.


15th May 2016

Posted on 17th May, 2016

ADM Ministries was Launched as a formal ministry at Living Word Church Network on Sunday 14th May 2016 to “Bring other Christian ministries, Ministers of the Christian Faith, and other Christians from around the world and UK to share with local churches and build better links within the Christian Church both locally and internationally.


At present it is currently only under the direction of Andrew D Mears founder of the ministry but as it grows it is likely that more people may be able to join the ministry formally.


At the beginning of May 2016 we have two pastors to hold the ministry to account and to support Andrew Mears, these are Revd. Carlos Sarmiento from Forerunner Messenger Alliance (Orlando House of Prayer) and Revd.  Chris Wickland from Living Word Church Network UK.



  • Bring churches together and explore the Christian faith in ways that might not normally be open to them.
  • To link with Churches local, nationally and internationally.
  • To bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ from around the world to the local church.
  • To assist churches in arranging for Christian Speakers to speak at their churches.
  • To speak with Christian Leaders around the world to help them with their ministries and possibly arrange speaking appointments with different churches.


Any new members will need to understand the vision and mission of the organization. To work with Andrew Mears founder to see the mission which the ministry was founded on to grow and see the Gospel of Jesus Christ shared.



Andrew Mears

May 2016

Posted on 12th May, 2016

May 2016


Hello there, long time from last post.


In just a few days Nick Watson will be back here in the South of England. 23-30 May 2016.


Our meetings


24th St Tom's Fair Oak 7.45pm


25th URC Church Warsash 7.30pm


28th Conferance with Nick Watson and Living Word Church doors open 9.45am start 10am finish 3.00pm bring your own lunch. Tea and coffee provided. Catisfield hall.



29th Living Church Network

10am Fareham Living Word 10.30am

5.30pm Coffee and service at 6.00pm Living Word Lee at the Methodist Church in Lee.


Free entry to all meeting, love offering bucket at back of meeting to help cover costs.

June 21st 2015

Posted on 25th June, 2015

Living Word Church Network

Fareham 10.30am

Purbrook 6.30pm

The theme for the day was double portion. 

It was a message for the church as a whole and for different members to take up that in their lives. 

At both churches we had about 45 people at each venue. Some where visitors who I didn't know and in the morning we had a visit from Ben who is known to both Nick and myself from up north of England.

Elijah and Elisha 2 Kings 2:1-14

When Elijah was going to be taken he asked Elisha what he wanted from him, Elisha answered a double portion of your spirit, which was only promised if he saw Elijah when he was taken. But we can live in the double portion if we dare to ask God for it and for the right reason.

As a church we were asked by Nick to take up a challenge, give God one hour of our week, 30 minutes listening to what God wants us to do for him this week and then spend the other 30 mins doing it.

Dawn was encouraged in prophetic worship, singing out what God wants to share with the church. Which Nick got her to try during the morning meeting and it was wonderful. We just need to encourage her in this.

A couple of young men had words from the Lord shared into their lives. Nick shared dates and names of people which God had given him when he was perparing for the meeting and people shared that they had either links with the dates or names and many where healed.

We need to change the world around us, we are blessed so that we can be a blessing to others 

If you see something in someone else which is from God then we can have it. We can become supernatural in God, to the point of it becomes normal.

Gifts are from God and we can ask for the gifts. Speak out in Faith. 

When we are looking to move into new gifts we need to grow a faith tree for that area in our lives. We can already have certain trees in our Christian wood, but we should be looking to grow the new ones God wants to delvop in our lives.

You can give without loving but you can't love without giving.. Nick Watson.

In God we can face our fears.



Steven H came with pain in his stomac and arms and went away healed and was still healed on Monday when he was asked, the pain went after the first prayer but the healing was full after he was prayed for again.

Annette was healed of her back pain which she had been having over the past few months.

Words of Knowlege really encouraged members of both churches Steve M was blessed and has been talking about the word given to him about Shalom (Peace of God in its fullness) which Nick shared that God wanted him to walk in to.

June 19th 2015

Posted on 23rd June, 2015

Hambledon Methodist

Great time of worship, Nick was encouraged by the worship time and said it was like Angels worshipping with us. There was about 37 who came to hear Nick some from other churches we had visited, I guess that there was at least 8 churches who had people come from.

Our Father prayer was the start of Nick's message to the church. The Greek word for Father is Pa which means provider. The main thing which for one person which came out from Nick sharing was the fact that they had done their house group on the Wednesday looking at the Lord's Prayer and Nick conformed some of what was shared at that meeting.

God is in the air all around us in the air, so wherever we are God is with us.

He went on to share about the Name of Jesus. When we pray in the name of Jesus God hears our prayers. It gets God's attention. The name of Jesus = Salvation, Healing, Provider, deliver, etc.

Words of knowledge and Prophesy were shared and people where deeply touched by God.

As normal the meal following was wonderful. Thank you to all at Hambledon for your great hospitality.


June 17th 2015

Posted on 19th June, 2015

Grace Christian Centre Plymouth ( Apostolic Church)

 We travelled 180 miles to Plymouth on Wednesday 17th June, when we called Ps Simon back in January, he didn't believe that Andy was calling from Hampshire about a Prophet Pastor from Brisbane Australia wanted to visit his church in Plymouth.

But even so he said yes to having Nick Watson come. So we set the date for June 17. We only in the last few weeks found out a bit more and knew God wanted to for us to go. After the meeting we found out that one person who had gone had lived in the Fareham area and another in the Locks Heath area. So we still had the link with Hampshire! God does have a scene of humour.

This was good for Nick as it gave him a pastor from the  Apostolic Church as this is the group Nick belongs to.

Words of Knowledge / Prophesy were given by Nick and he had the name John which he felt bit odd giving it as John is a common name, but we only had one person call John and the word was really what God needed to tell him, confirmed by Ps Simon.

Quotes from Facebook

Nick Watson

Great night at Grace Christian Centre with Ps. Simon & Ps. Hanne Evans. Testimonies of healings, including one visitor who nearly didn't come. Apollina was very glad she did attend. Ian was so brave in receiving his healing because he had been in a lot of pain but the Lord meet and healed him as he tested his body out. Pastor Simon tested his bending by trying to touch his toes and he did it! HALLELUJAH. Good feedback from the preaching and prophecies add well. I didn't preach what I prepared but shared my own journey into a Supernatural Christian lifestyle. God is good and great. To Him be all the glory IJNA

Simon Evans

Great night with Nick Watson at Grace Christian Centre Plymouth. I couldn't put my socks on this morning because of my back, now I can touch my toes. Power of prayer Thank you Lord.

Nick Watson

Had a great night inspiring ppl to live a Supernatural Christian lifestyle. Thanks Andy Mears for making this trip possible including our road trip to Plymouth and back. Thanks Ps. Simon Evans for the invitation and hospitality and generosity. Praise God for all He did.