June 17th 2015

Posted on 19th June, 2015

Grace Christian Centre Plymouth ( Apostolic Church)

 We travelled 180 miles to Plymouth on Wednesday 17th June, when we called Ps Simon back in January, he didn't believe that Andy was calling from Hampshire about a Prophet Pastor from Brisbane Australia wanted to visit his church in Plymouth.

But even so he said yes to having Nick Watson come. So we set the date for June 17. We only in the last few weeks found out a bit more and knew God wanted to for us to go. After the meeting we found out that one person who had gone had lived in the Fareham area and another in the Locks Heath area. So we still had the link with Hampshire! God does have a scene of humour.

This was good for Nick as it gave him a pastor from the  Apostolic Church as this is the group Nick belongs to.

Words of Knowledge / Prophesy were given by Nick and he had the name John which he felt bit odd giving it as John is a common name, but we only had one person call John and the word was really what God needed to tell him, confirmed by Ps Simon.

Quotes from Facebook

Nick Watson

Great night at Grace Christian Centre with Ps. Simon & Ps. Hanne Evans. Testimonies of healings, including one visitor who nearly didn't come. Apollina was very glad she did attend. Ian was so brave in receiving his healing because he had been in a lot of pain but the Lord meet and healed him as he tested his body out. Pastor Simon tested his bending by trying to touch his toes and he did it! HALLELUJAH. Good feedback from the preaching and prophecies add well. I didn't preach what I prepared but shared my own journey into a Supernatural Christian lifestyle. God is good and great. To Him be all the glory IJNA

Simon Evans

Great night with Nick Watson at Grace Christian Centre Plymouth. I couldn't put my socks on this morning because of my back, now I can touch my toes. Power of prayer Thank you Lord.

Nick Watson

Had a great night inspiring ppl to live a Supernatural Christian lifestyle. Thanks Andy Mears for making this trip possible including our road trip to Plymouth and back. Thanks Ps. Simon Evans for the invitation and hospitality and generosity. Praise God for all He did.