June 21st 2015

Posted on 25th June, 2015

Living Word Church Network

Fareham 10.30am

Purbrook 6.30pm

The theme for the day was double portion. 

It was a message for the church as a whole and for different members to take up that in their lives. 

At both churches we had about 45 people at each venue. Some where visitors who I didn't know and in the morning we had a visit from Ben who is known to both Nick and myself from up north of England.

Elijah and Elisha 2 Kings 2:1-14

When Elijah was going to be taken he asked Elisha what he wanted from him, Elisha answered a double portion of your spirit, which was only promised if he saw Elijah when he was taken. But we can live in the double portion if we dare to ask God for it and for the right reason.

As a church we were asked by Nick to take up a challenge, give God one hour of our week, 30 minutes listening to what God wants us to do for him this week and then spend the other 30 mins doing it.

Dawn was encouraged in prophetic worship, singing out what God wants to share with the church. Which Nick got her to try during the morning meeting and it was wonderful. We just need to encourage her in this.

A couple of young men had words from the Lord shared into their lives. Nick shared dates and names of people which God had given him when he was perparing for the meeting and people shared that they had either links with the dates or names and many where healed.

We need to change the world around us, we are blessed so that we can be a blessing to others 

If you see something in someone else which is from God then we can have it. We can become supernatural in God, to the point of it becomes normal.

Gifts are from God and we can ask for the gifts. Speak out in Faith. 

When we are looking to move into new gifts we need to grow a faith tree for that area in our lives. We can already have certain trees in our Christian wood, but we should be looking to grow the new ones God wants to delvop in our lives.

You can give without loving but you can't love without giving.. Nick Watson.

In God we can face our fears.



Steven H came with pain in his stomac and arms and went away healed and was still healed on Monday when he was asked, the pain went after the first prayer but the healing was full after he was prayed for again.

Annette was healed of her back pain which she had been having over the past few months.

Words of Knowlege really encouraged members of both churches Steve M was blessed and has been talking about the word given to him about Shalom (Peace of God in its fullness) which Nick shared that God wanted him to walk in to.