15th May 2016

Posted on 17th May, 2016

ADM Ministries was Launched as a formal ministry at Living Word Church Network on Sunday 14th May 2016 to “Bring other Christian ministries, Ministers of the Christian Faith, and other Christians from around the world and UK to share with local churches and build better links within the Christian Church both locally and internationally.


At present it is currently only under the direction of Andrew D Mears founder of the ministry but as it grows it is likely that more people may be able to join the ministry formally.


At the beginning of May 2016 we have two pastors to hold the ministry to account and to support Andrew Mears, these are Revd. Carlos Sarmiento from Forerunner Messenger Alliance (Orlando House of Prayer) and Revd.  Chris Wickland from Living Word Church Network UK.



  • Bring churches together and explore the Christian faith in ways that might not normally be open to them.
  • To link with Churches local, nationally and internationally.
  • To bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ from around the world to the local church.
  • To assist churches in arranging for Christian Speakers to speak at their churches.
  • To speak with Christian Leaders around the world to help them with their ministries and possibly arrange speaking appointments with different churches.


Any new members will need to understand the vision and mission of the organization. To work with Andrew Mears founder to see the mission which the ministry was founded on to grow and see the Gospel of Jesus Christ shared.



Andrew Mears