ADM Ministries are pleased to say that as a ministry we will be supporting Daughters of Davis (Fern and Adrienne) for the next year. If you would like to support them please contact us and we will help you to do that or send a gift via are giving page marked D of D so will can forward it to them. 



Director of ADM Ministries

D A U G H T E R S O F D A V I S - a Duo made up of two sisters, Fern & Adrienne Davis, with a band name proud to declare their family heritage the sisters began an adventure that imperatively needed that bond. They sold everything, quit their jobs and took to living life in a rusted campervan brought off ebay... As events unfolded, disaster and miracles took place, the girls kept their home in their hearts but took their lives and their music from city to city.
Today the girls have toured & opening shows for the likes of Beyoncé, Peter Andre, Sam Bailey & Leona Lewis to name a few. They have scaled Europe supporting the legendary band Eels & also the wonderful soulful talent that is Rebecca Ferguson, however the heights of today are a far cry from the days the girls gave up everything in the summer of 2011 to live in a van & tour the UK.
In their old van, the sister busked across the UK for their dinner on what seemed like a never-ending tour lasting almost two years. All luxuries were cut and their food budget was slashed to 17p soup & economy porridge at best. Braving English-Artic weather conditions in their heater-less van the girls faced break-ins, break downs and new struggles everyday, earning their title by Music Industry Entrepreneur & Director, Andy Baker, as “one of the hardest working bands in the UK”
As much as the girls missed the comfort and security of home, it could not be traded in for the people they met and the stories that cam about from life on the road... The years that followed were beyond their wildest dreams. Adventure on the hillside, yet suicidal thoughts in the valley, miracles that shouldn't even be possible, happening right before of their eyes; the girls saw Adrienne getting healed from a 10-year battle with depression after a Christian man prayed for her and they were even a brand new Elddis tour van absolutely free! (now lovingly known at ‘Otis’) ...On top of this without getting signed the sisters even secured a Top 10 spot in iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart without a record label…the list goes on, but one thing is for sure. These sisters have real soul & live the folk reverie that it's possible to turn your life around and live the dream if you’re bold enough…
Daughters of Davis write songs with messages for this generation and those that reflect their own innate struggles too, born from their faith and experience living in this society. The girls songwriting is relevant & moving with intricate counterpart harmonies all packed up in a high energy performance. Don’t miss this band, either as the acoustic powerhouse that is the sister alone, or with their amazing band (Drummer, Anthony Bealing, & Bassist, Kyle Barnes) and horn section when playing full band.