Testimonies from Nick Watson's Visit to UK




' Nick Watson brought great teaching on living a supernatural life. It was a reminder of the promise and authority we should be living in and experiencing, yet at the same time a great challenge to keep living in it.
I know some got healed of different things that night. But I can comment on my own healing. The Sunday prior, I collapsed in church moving 3 chairs which saw my back give way on my. Even up until the morning of his arriving, my son was putting my socks on because of my back. So during the meeting Nick was building our faith and the power God has to heal. I desperately needed the loo, so nipped out before he started to pray for others. During this time the Lord challenged me to touch my toes (a very odd place to be challenged I know) but I took up the challenge with a little concern. But praise God I could do it & was healed there and then. So now I can really say,"no matter where you are God can heal you".
Nick Watson, also brought encouragement to many, including myself with his prophetic ministry. I can say all left Grace Christian Centre with great satisfaction, hope and a new challenge. 
So thank you Nick & Andy, and God takes all Glory and honour, He knows what we need at the right time. 
Pastor Simon Evans Grace Christian Centre
"Nick Watson certainly brought a great blessing to Eastleigh. His teaching ministry challenged the Church not to waste her great salvation in Jesus. However, it was his ministry in personal words of public prophecy that were so remarkable. Especially the local Church leaders, two of whom were powerfully impacted. This reminder to seek prophecy earnestly and with a regional Church arising, such gifting can be exercised more and more, as there will not be a high level of natural knowledge as the regional meetings grow. The personal ministry was not rushed and very pastorally sensitive and many have been edified. Thank you to AD@M MINISTRIES for bringing Nick from the other side of the world and into our world"
Danny Stupple - Lay Chair Eastleigh Deanery Synod and Chair of Zion Projects
Veronica in Hampshire (Living Word church, Fareham; Pastor Chris Wickland) had daily pain for years in various parts of her body until the Lord touched her on Friday night. She joyfully testified on following Sunday that she was healed and pain free.
Veronica is still painfree (July 2017)